Building a brewery? Yes, but building something bigger too……….

Ok, so, Bestens Brewery is not a political machine, nor a platform to influence people’s opinion.  But we are not just a brewery either. We always wanted to produce more than just amazing beers, we wanted to bring people together and support good causes that resonated with us.

We want to do our bit as a small (but ever growing) business to help those that face daily challenges, or, are in need of a little support.

I am writing this as the world has become a more unsettled place. A lot of us are feeling worried about what the future holds, as we are seeing more and more political and economic instability, social divisions are widening across nations & our communities and at times there is a loss of compassion too.

Winter is closing in, and for those experiencing homelessness in the UK the world is already pretty unsettled, but this time of year increases their vulnerability significantly.

That is why on Sunday 20th November 2016, Team Bestens runners will be taking part in the Brooks Brighton 10km, raising money for the The Clock Tower Sanctuary.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary is the only drop-in service providing all-round information, advice and support to homeless young people (aged 16-25) in Brighton & Hove.

You can visit our donation page using the link below, and please give whatever you can spare:

To find out more about The Clock Tower Sanctuary visit



(Director & Founder)

Bestens Brewery