Improvement & Expansion Plans

Howdy folks!

Well, things are hotting up here at Bestens HQ, and that is not only due to the muggy summer climate having the mercury tickle 30C in the brewhouse on brew days! No, we are getting all hot and bothered about some very exciting plans we have been developing.

We are very proud to announce that we will soon take receipt of a rather wonderful semi-automatic can filling and seaming machine from the incredible chaps at Innovus Engineering, who are just down the road from us at Upper Beeding. Not only do we get a fantastic piece of equipment that is going to help us grow and improve our products, we also get to support another fantastic independent Sussex business at the same time. The need for us to take on this machine is immense, it will increase our productivity 8 fold in terms of canning, but will also give us improved can seams and almost negligible levels of dissolved oxygen. These are huge considerations for us, having our beers reach you as fresh as they are when they leave the brewery is our obsession. This wonderful bit of kit will make that a reality.

We have also hit capacity in terms of production, and have been struggling to meet the high demand for our beers. This is very humbling, we are thrilled that so many people love our beers and want more and more of them. So we are setting our selves the task of scaling up our brewhouse from 1BBL to 3BBL, this will have to happen in January as we can’t afford to shut down production whilst we move out our old vessels and tanks and install new ones at the moment. We will hopefully have the funds in place to make this a smooth transition, and 2020 shall be a year where we can brew more and more of our beers for you guys!!

The summer has been great for us, and we have been enjoying our Saturdays at The Orchards Shopping Centre in Haywards Heath, please swing by if you can to say “Hi” to the Team & grab a Bestens.

Friday nights have been very pleasant up at the brewery taproom, drop by and relax in the summer evening sun with a cold beer fresh from the source. Spread the word!!

Finally a big thank you to Kristina B, who has been helping out huge amounts over the last few months, which is making our growth so much easier. Also, we have welcomed James into the fold, he has been helping out on brew days, canning & kegging during the week then giving up his Saturdays to help on the pop-up taproom too. Heroes!!!!



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